At the end of each project, you should be receiving a number of project files from your creator. We recommend that you verify these to ensure you have received all project files. If there are any files missing, please ask your creator to provide them for you.

The files you will receive will depend on the AR platform:

Facebook and Instagram

Please provide a folder including:

  1. An icon.png

  2. A Spark AR project file (.arproj)

  3. Folders including other assets, such as objects, patches, textures and audio

  4. An exported Spark AR .arexport file

  5. A video of the Effect as either a .mov or .mp4 file


Please provide a folder including:

  1. An icon.png

  2. A file

  3. A folder called “Public” containing all assets: textures, sounds, UI, meshes and scripts.

  4. A file that ends in .LSproj.

  5. A video of the Lens as either a .mov or .mp4 file


Please provide the client with all of the files required to host the experience such as HTML, CSS and JS files, as well as any static assets, models, documentation, media and instructions for deploying the experience.


Please provide source files and built versions (e.g. .apk/.ipa) of the app for the agreed platform(s). Make sure to include any documentation, private keys or certificates, integration instructions, designs or any other material that may be useful should any maintenance be required in future.

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