The publishing process for WebAR experiences depends on the platform being used to create the experience, such as 8th Wall, Zappar or DeepAR. It also depends on where the experience will be hosted. Some platforms allow you to host the experience on their platform, while others require you or give you the option to host it on a server. It all depends on which domain you would like the experience to be hosted on.

If you are hosting the experience on a server, your creator will be able to provide you with the files, which will need to be hosted on a web server. Please contact us if you require advice on the options here.

With Zappar, there is an option to publish the experience directly to Zappar’s servers and they will host it for you. If you have an Enterprise licence, you may also self-host the expeirence.

With 8th Wall, there are two options: self-hosting (you host the files on your servers) or using 8th Wall’s new Cloud Editor. For a complete guide on how to self-host WebAR experiences on 8th Wall, click here. Please note that you will require an 8th Wall licence to build WebAR experiences on 8th Wall. We recommend you check if your company already has a licence.

DeepAR does not provide the option of hosting the experience for you, so you will need to host it on a server.

Your creator will be best able to advise you on the hosting requirements for the WebAR platform used.

Once you have a URL for your AR experience, you can then share with your users. You could also create a QR code using websites such as QR Code Monkey, if you would prefer that users scan the code to access the experience.

Once you have your URL or QR code, you can share it using your usual digital channels.

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