Web AR experiences are unique in that they are not hosted within a mobile app. This means that they will need to be hosted somewhere, which may come with time and cost limitations.

Web AR requirements very much depend on the Web AR technology platform used to produce the experience. We recommend working with these suppliers:

  • 8th Wall. With 8th Wall, there are two options: self-hosting (you host the files on your servers) or using 8th Wall’s new Cloud Editor. For a complete guide on how to self-host WebAR experiences on 8th Wall, click here. For more information on their pricing, click here. Please note that you will require an 8th Wall licence to build WebAR experiences on 8th Wall. We recommend you check if your company already has a licence.

  • DeepAR. DeepAR does not provide the option of hosting the experience for you, so you will need to host it on a server. If your effect is being built using DeepAR, you will have the option to make an annual payment or to pay a monthly subscription. The pricing will depend on the number of monthly active users you expect your experience to receive. To find out more about pricing plans based on monthly user numbers, click here.

  • Zappar. With Zappar, there are two methods for creating Web AR experiences: ZapWorks Studio and Universal AR. These can be hosted through Zappar’s platform. If you have an Enterprise license, you may also self-host these. To find out more about Zappar’s pricing and plans, click here.

If you need more information about how to host your experience, or if you require a custom hosting solution from us or your creator, please contact us at info@poplar.studio or on the chat box on the bottom right of your screen.

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