One handy feature of the Chat system is the 3D model viewer. This allows you to visualise 3D models that your creator has uploaded, so that you can preview them and give feedback more easily.

To preview a 3D model in the Chat, click on ‘Launch 3D Model’. Here you will be able to interact with the model by pivoting it (left-click on your mouse), zooming in and out (roll your mouse wheel) and move the object around (right-click on your mouse).

You will also be able to select different backgrounds and lighting against which to view the 3D model. To do this, click on the settings wheel on the bottom-right. Clicking on ‘auto-rotate’ will automatically rotate the 3D model. Some models may also include an animation, which you can play by clicking on the play icon on the bottom-left.

You may also add comments to the 3D model to provide feedback to your creator. To do this, you will first need to enable commenting mode by clicking on the speech bubble icon on the bottom bar. This will allow you to attach comments to specific areas of the model by double-clicking on them. A text box will appear where you can add your comments. Make sure to click on ‘Save comment’ once you are done.

In some cases, the 3D model viewer may be unavailable for a particular model. If this is the case, your creator may have left a comment indicating which software they recommend for you to view the model. Please download the model file and open it with the recommended software in order to view the model.

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