Projects usually have a team of people involved in them. On Poplar Studio, you should be able to add people to your project team as desired by going to the Project Team section on your project dashboard. These project team members will have varying levels of access to your project dashboard, depending on what role you assign to them.

To add and manage project participants, you will need to be a Project Manager. If you submitted the brief yourself, you will automatically be a Project Manager. Otherwise, you will need to be added as a Project Manager by invitation.

The roles available are:

  • Project managers have complete access to the project, including assigning and managing project admins and members, viewing and editing brief submissions, contributing to the chat, viewing the timeline, uploading and deleting files and viewing and selecting concepts.

  • Contributors can view and edit brief submissions, contribute to the chat, view the timeline, upload and delete files and view and select concepts.

  • Reviewers can view brief submissions, the chat, the timeline, any uploaded files and concepts. However, they are unable to edit or contribute to them.

  • Guests are external users who have the same access as reviewers, but are not part of the team’s organisation.

To assign and manage roles, go to “Project team” on the left sidebar. Here you will see a list of all team members and, if you are an Organisation Admin, you will be able to select and assign new roles from the dropdown menus.

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